AI-based Face Recognition Attendance System

Aivoks technologies facial recognition software searches an existing database of faces and compares them with the faces detected in the scene to find a match. Face Recognition detects faces in the camera's field of view - as many as 15 at the same time - and matches them against faces previously stored in the database. Anti-spoofing is provided through "liveness" testing without the need for a stereo or 3D camera. Faces can be enrolled in the database from existing still images or from the video camera itself.

Why Aivoks Technologies'
Face Recognition?

Fast, AI-based
Face Recognition

Perfect for access control applications either in-camera or on-server. Identify persons of interest and unwanted persons

Anti-Spoofing and No
Gender/Race Bias

Liveness testing with 2D cameras, and models developed with multi-ethnic and gender datasets to ensure no built-in bias

Highly Accurate Facial

Using AI and deep learning, IntelliVision's face recognition has achieved accuracy benchmarks better than industry leaders like Google and Facebook.

Key Features of Facial Recognition Software

  • Face recognition in real time, depending on resources.
  • Easily enroll faces from still or video images.
  • Zero gender or racial bias through model training with millions of faces from datasets from around the world.
  • Anti-spoofing technology ensures the system cannot be fooled by a photo or video image.
  • Detect matches with faces in the database and provide alerts.
  • Create a log of faces in the scene for later investigation.
  • Search for similar faces from a single camera or across multiple cameras.
  • In use in thousands of cameras for access control, VIP greeting, shoplifter and unwanted person applications.